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Knowledge quiz
First, what needs to be done to prepare for work before consignment cars?
first please prepared good you of vehicles driving documents or related of proved material (Pro brand, and invoice, and motor vehicle registration card), then confirmed you of car has fresh of antifreeze liquid, confirmed you of car battery electric liquid no leaked, retained about 4 points one of of fuel, close you of anti-theft system or will to we driver brings not necessary of trouble, last, guarantee you of vehicles clean to tie loading Qian of vehicles test
two or 10 class "dangerous goods" don't carry car?
1, and explosion products (as: blasting electricity detonators, and blasting with non-electric detonators, and ammunition with detonators, and blasting with non-electric detonators component, and biography burst tube, and guide burst cable, and explosion tube, and fire take ignition tube, and initiation introduction letter, and radio introduction letter, and pressure electric introduction letter, and mechanical introduction letter, and ignition leads, and industry with controller,)
2, and oxidant (as: metal na, and magnesium Aluminum powder, and carbide, and fertilizer in the of lime nitrogen,, met water or wet air can produced can burning gas and heat, caused burning)
3, and Compression gas and liquefied petroleum gas body (as: liquefied LPG, and gas, and oxygen, and hydrogen,, these are is by pressure or cooling Hou storage Yu resistance pressure container in the of gas)
4, and natural items (as: sulfur, and yellow phosphorus, and nitrification fiber film, and tarps, and paper and products, these items even not contact fire, in appropriate temperature of air in the also can occurred oxidation role and caused burning)
5, and met water burning items (with oxidant)
6, and flammable liquid (as: as gasoline, and kerosene, and pine fuel-efficient Alcohol, paint, etc)
7, flammable solids (natural)
8, toxic products (such as cyanide, arsenic, Dichlorvos, etc)
9, corrosive articles (such as such as sulfuric acid, hydrochloric acid, hydrogen peroxide, caustic soda etc)
10, radioactive materials, and ten class >

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