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Hua Pengfei capital 10.08 million Yuan to set up-Dongguan Hua Pengfei modern logistics Ltd

Hua Pengfei 22nd announcement, company jointly invested in Henan Hua Pengfei medical logistics company, plan engaged in pharmaceutical logistics, distribution and other business, but in the preparatory process, due to external conditions are not ripe, Henan Hua Pengfei has so far failed to get the pharmaceutical trade license, in view of the above, the company decided to terminate the investment in Henan Hua Pengfei logistics, Ltd.

Hua Pengfei also plans a 10.08 million Yuan investment to set up wholly-owned subsidiaries-Dong Guan Hua Pengfei logistics limited, main road freight transport, warehousing. In order to speed up the construction of regional logistics centre, mainly to improve the layout of business companies in the Pearl River Delta.



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