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2014 held in Hohhot in northern China's modern logistics industry Summit on the

on August 23, hosted by Meng Yuan, zhongfu logistics group "2014 North China Fu logistics in the modern logistics industry Summit Forum • CITIC signing ceremony of the ICT strategy" held in Hohhot.

the Forum is by Inner Mongolia autonomous region, Business Office, and Hohhot city federations, and China International Chamber of Commerce (in Inner Mongolia), and national in Inner Mongolia Chamber of Commerce co-will, units joint launched, to Peking University market research center, and China logistics Institute, and CITIC letter pass international logistics company, and Beijing bokeshi longitudinal company for representative of academic advisory institutions and industry support units, around "peak poly Qingcheng, on the road logistics, advance modern logistics industry of sustainable development, and enhanced regional economic competitiveness" for theme, Through keynote presentations, Roundtable, survey forms, focus and research of modern logistics industry trends, industry standards, business models, development path.

report of the party's 18 points out: "speed up the improvement of the Socialist market economy and speed up the transformation of economic development pattern," and so on, are in the upgrading of China's logistics industry indicates the direction. With the development of market economy, logistics industry by the end of the industry in the past, rising to guide industry to guide the production, consumption.

the logistics industry as an important part of the modern economy, are quickly grew into the world with great potential and development of emerging service industries, from traditional logistics to modern logistics development stage. In order to strengthen regional economic cooperation, promoting development of modern logistics industry, in the face of current and future opportunities and challenges, strategies, how the logistics industry's economic engine, green industries, collaborative supply chain, blue sea of win-win, and become a new economic growth pole, has become a hot topic.

in recent years, Inner Mongolia is in economic transformation and upgrading of the strategic opportunity period, the development of modern logistics industry contribute to enhance the efficiency of the region's economy as a whole, effectively promoting the integration of resources, information, personnel, optimization of market factors. Mongolian Yuan group to national industrial policy-oriented, from the development of the logistics industry in Inner Mongolia based on innovation model, Fu in the effort to build a modern logistics industry chain. The success of the Forum, particularly ICT zhongfu logistics • CITIC sign logistics strategy, marking the Group's long-term commitment to the Mongolian Yuan based on information theory, Fu exploration of modern logistics industry chain in the construction, officially entered the whole industry chain operation. Meanwhile, this innovative initiatives to achieve business transformation and upgrade, really real to promote regional economic development policy.


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