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Rail transport expanded the bulk cargo acceptance

heard from China railway company, railway freight for the further organization of work, give full play to the decisive role of market forces in allocating resources and to better meet the needs of different people, all kinds of enterprises in the area of freight transport demand. Today, railway company requested that the units subordinated to eliminate any form of rail transport be managed, further freight open to accept.

   reported that railway transport lihu refers to the carrier (railway transport enterprises) by railway transport plan issued by the national and provincial, with the carrier (customers) direct signed a purchase and sale contract. For a long time, railway system to the customer's shipping lihu qualifications sets a number of conditions, and the layers of approval, lihu relates to whether the customer has of railway transportation business qualifications, railway transportation planning and delivery capacity. Cancel rail transport be managed was to check the comb acceptance problems, eliminating unreasonable restrictions, avoiding to be managed through restriction cargo accepted. Cargo accepted to change the way, for expanding the volume of bulk cargo on the reception, increase plays an important role.


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