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Railway introduced during transport programmes

22nd heard from China railway company, iron general introduction by 2014 year Mid-Autumn Festival holiday and national day Golden Week passengers work programme, to deal with "two" focus during passenger and transport services. Mid-Autumn Festival holiday transportation since September 5 8th, 4 days, the national railway is expected to send 31.2 million passenger trips, daily send 7.8 million passengers, an increase of 12. 4%.

   transportation the national day holidays from September 28 to October 7, a total of 10 days. National Railroad is expected to send 92.7 million passenger trips, daily send 9.27 million people, an increase of 12. 9%. Passenger flow during the holiday set the actual high-speed CRH trains will schedule your driving in peak running to meet the passenger demand. Railway departments to strengthen their EMU maintenance servicing, transportation of scientific organizations, and actively organize reconnection or large group runs. In the direction of passenger demand, timely additional temporary passenger railway, national railway were arranged during the Mid-Autumn Festival holiday across the railway company long-distance through 19, during the national day Golden week national railways were scheduled across the railway company long-distance express 23 a pair. In response to the dramatic increase in passenger traffic, railway safety first philosophy, focusing on the passenger train, equipment maintenance, strengthening emergency response and enhancing access organizations during the holiday season, strict implementation of real-name ticket train overcrowding and control regulations strengthening passenger places order maintenance to ensure travel security, organized. Implementation services travellers "last mile" measures to rationalize the passenger ticket, waiting, access, access point flow, ensure that automatic turnstiles at the station and dynamic guidance system for normal use, fast smooth passenger access to the station, on and off, as far as possible to facilitate passenger travel. As the Mid-Autumn Festival and national day holidays approach, major railway stations adhere to the 24-hour ticket, increased the number of ticket vending machines.

   Internet booking and phone booking presale periods for 20 days, railway departments to remind passengers plan their travel plans, buy tickets in advance.


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