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Ningbo port in need of goods entering and leaving Hong Kong for very large

as of yesterday at 18 o'clock, day 398 enterprises out of container transport container transporters 4,608, Ningbo port container carrying cases reached 70% in the same period.

  under the influence of a few days ago, Ningbo port in need of large amounts of goods entering and leaving Hong Kong, Ningbo port container terminal port equipment, timely organization personnel, optimization of port services, equipment protection, avoid the jams into suitcase led to job growth. Yesterday, the Ningbo port group has invested more than 600 vehicles its own port operations both inside and outside the truck, while Ningbo port group official micro-blog in real time to the public notice on the port into the suitcase, enhance the transparency of the production information.

  foreign trade major CMO needed imported 28 standard boxes of electronic materials, 16 standard boxes products, Ningbo port group launched emergency plans, to overcome all obstacles in order to speed the transport of goods from the warehouse as soon as possible on board the vessel. Ningbo port group said that from now until August 31, Ningbo port will launch a series of facilitating measures, including the shipping company all route cut a single period is extended to 4 hours before the ship docked; due into the container, the container terminal costs associated with waiving late entry; the shipping free transshipment operations, etc.

  to ease recently days Ningbo port of port Highway pressure, guarantee container transport fast smooth, Ningbo traffic Board yesterday afternoon decided, from yesterday 2 o'clock in the afternoon to 26th 24 o'clock check, on driving wear mountain heaved thought room Highway, and in lingfeng, and xiapu, and baifeng, and wear mountain, 4 a charges station access highway of international standard container vehicles from received passage fee (needed enjoy free of vehicles cannot using etc). In addition, in order to improve efficiency, Highway Department to suspend part of the main highway maintenance and construction, giving priority to container traffic through. Freeway Management units employing more staff accelerated charging vehicle through. After these measures, yesterday afternoon to evening, marked increase in container traffic on the highway.


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